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PhD project: CryoEM structure of cannabinoid receptor CB2 with biased ligands

BBSRC-funded PhD project in the group of Prof. Dmitry Veprintsev at the University of Nottingham. This is a joint project with Dr. David Scott, Research Complex Harwell/UoN, and Dr. Aditi Borkar/UoN.

The student will learn membrane protein expression and purification, biophysical characterisation of GPCR signalling complexes and single particle CryoEM.

The student will be embedded in the Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE), a unique collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham, a centre of GPCR excellence in Europe and worldwide. It offers a vibrant community of over 40 PhD students and post-docs and an excellent environment to develop a research career.

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