If you are interested in joining our group as a summer student, Master student, PhD student or Postdoc, please send a motivation letter to Prof. Dmitry Veprintsev to explore possibilites.





Further information for prospective PhD students can be found below.

Standing Meeting

Further information for prospective MRes/PhD students

General requirements for PhD/Mres at the University of Nottingham

Most of our students will get a PhD in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery; full list of possible topics is listed here:

Funded PhD opportunities at the University of Nottingham


The University of Nottingham has several Doctorate Training Programs funded by the UKRI and Welcome Trust that are relevant to applications to our lab. The deadlines are typically in November-December for the start in the following October. Sometimes there is a second round of applications in May for the UK-based students.


Relevant Doctorate Trainng Programs (DTPs)

Self-funded PhD/Mres candidates

If you have a fellowship and are interested in joining our lab please contact Dmitry Veprintsev directly. There are several possible starting dates throughout the year.