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Fully funded PhD. Developing quantum biosensing GPCR drug discovery platform.

G protein coupled receptor coordinate functions of our body by transmitting extracellular hormonal to the inside of the cell. GPCRs offer a tremendous potential for developing novel therapeutics, but novel drug screening techniques are needed to fully explore their potential. Single molecule quantum biosensing techniques hold promise to identify rare receptor signalling events that are biologically important, among a large excess of “silent” receptors. This PhD project will focus on engineering receptors and signalling proteins for quantum biosensing and establishing the quantum biosensing screening platform.

Ideal candidate will have physics, chemistry, biophysics or biochemistry background. They will be embedded in the Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE) at the University of Nottingham, a world-renown centre for GPCR studies. The supervisory team consists of Dr Eline Koers, Dr Mitchell Kenney, Prof. Melissa Mather and Prof. Dmitry Veprintsev.

Recruitment starts 14.11.23, virtual open day 29.11.23; deadline 16.01.24.

The application process is outlined at:

Please contact for more information.

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