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PhD position: Machine Learning guided design of GPCR ligands with desired pharmacology.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Adrenoceptors are G protein coupled receptors that mediate the action of adrenalin on heart rate or dilation of airways. The project will use structural bio- and chemoinformatics and Machine Learning to study the basis of ligand activity. Using this information, new molecules with improved parameters will be rationally designed, synthetises and experimentally studied. The results of the project will serve as a paradigm for the intelligent drug discovery of novel ligands for other classes of GPCRs.

Please see our recent manuscript

Ideal candidate would have strong interest in structural bioinformatics, python programming, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology.

The Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors COMPARE is a landmark collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham with world-class expertise in GPCRs, excellent facilities, and a vibrant international research environment of over 40 PhD students and postdocs.

This is a BBCRC funded PhD position for UK home candidates only.

For more details see

The application deadline is 12:00 BST 26.05.2021.

Please contact and in the first instance.

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