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Research Associate


Before coming to Nottingham, Maria did two years in Licenciatura en Ciencias Biológicas (Bachelor in Biological Sciences) at Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina. She learned to programme outside of her undergraduate studies and is eager to join what she learned with neurobiological information. Now, she's a final year student of the MSci in Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham while she collaborates with the research group using Machine Learning techniques until her graduation.


  • Create Machine Learning predictors with in silico models for GPCRs (G protein-coupled receptors) of interest for the research group using results obtained via wet lab experiments.

  • Design Molecular Dynamics models using the PDB(Protein Data Bank) files available for every GPCR state (Inactive, Intermediate, Active).

Maria Sigstad.jpg
Maria Jimenez Sigstad: TeamMember
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