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Senior Scientific Officer, Roche Postdoctoral fellow

David Andrew Sykes, BSc Hons Pharmacology, MSc Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, PhD in Molecular Pharmacology & Drug Discovery.

David has over 20+ years of experience working in a drug discovery environment mainly in a specialist assay development role and most recently with Novartis.  In 2014 David joined the University of Nottingham and began a part-time PhD in Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery that he was awarded in 2020.  During this period David has made a significant contribution to the understanding of agonist/ antagonist GPCR kinetic determinants in an area of growing scientific interest.

His current interests include the development of HTS fluorescence-based kinetic binding assays specifically designed to assess the kinetics of unlabelled compounds (and chemical fragments) and the use of purified receptor/ effector proteins as tools for drug discovery.

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David Sykes: TeamMember
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